Alternative roofing designs

Our offer includes a plethora of roofing designs that can make your house unique. But the shape of those designs isn’t just for aesthetic beauty; there are other benefits of different roofing designs. We will present you with several alternatives in roof design.  Check our website for other articles about different roofing styles and designs.

A French take on roofing construction

French roof aka mansard design has four sides that have a double slope on each one of them. The lower slope is big and steep, and you can choose whether you want it to be curved or flat.  The point of this design is to provide the homeowner with a lot of space in the attic. The attic, in this case, can have several smaller rooms, or one giant room called garret.

This style of roofing is perfect for people who might want to expand their homes in the future. They can leave the space unoccupied in the beginning and then turn it into living quarters when the need arises.

The only downside of this design is that it can’t carry too much weight, so it’s out of the question for people who live in snowy areas. This roofing alternative costs a lot, but that cost is offset by the amount of living space the design provides.

Mansard alternative – Gambrel design

The Gambrel design is similar to the French roof as it has double slopes on its sides, but it has only two sides rather than more. Both slopes are steep, but the lower one is steeper. This design provides additional living space as it uses only two roof beams. The cost of building this type of roof is low due to the simple design and a few materials it requires.

Downsides of this design are same as the cons of French roof. This roof can withstand average snowfall, but it shouldn’t be used in an area with high winds and hurricanes. This design is better than the mansard due to low cost, but it’s at the disadvantage when it comes to aesthetics.